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FitnFood – high-quality fruit and berry jams, peanut butter and chocolate creams made from quality products suitable for vegetarians. The berries, fruits and nuts are carefully selected in accordance with all the guarantees of quality and safety to ensure that the highest quality, best tasting products reach the customer.

The products we offer are made without any added sugar or preservatives, suitable for gluten intolerant, evaluating products without GMO.

The products come from the Netherlands, Belgium, France, where our production partners pay special attention to the quality of the products, the opinion of the customers and the exceptional, real taste, which today is valued by more and more customers who care about their healthy life and food quality.

We align ourselves with the highest standards and the highest quality solutions, responsibly delivering the final product to the customer, so we are fully responsible and calm for the products we offer.



We decided to create a line of Fitnfood products to inspire personal choices and everyday habits. From an early age, both our families, in which we grew up, instilled healthy lifestyle and dietary choices and as we grew up, we focused on the same in our own families.

When the first search for healthy snacks and desserts began, we realized that there was a choice, but most manufacturers still use added sugar, salt, preservatives to produce a flavor that is already appealing to a customer accustomed to the taste of added sugar in previously sold products.

Driven by our values of a healthy lifestyle and diet, we have worked with partners abroad to create healthy jams, peanut butters and chocolate creams that are a healthy and quality alternative to those already on the market, but completely eliminate added sugar, salt, preservatives, gluten and so on.

The whole process of creation and production took long enough for us to have tastings with the people around us to get enough answers that the taste obtained is fully compliant with the jams, peanut butters, and chocolate creams already on the market. We are extremely pleased with the result achieved, as the result obtained significantly exceeded the quality of the products on the market, but not the price. We have created healthier products that are unique in terms of their taste and appearance, which are far ahead of those on the market in terms of value and health, but remain similar in terms of price.


We are sure that you, having tried Fitnfood products with your little ones or the whole family, will return for them more than once! Our products can become part of your daily diet without having to worry about the calories you eat!

Benefits of FitnFood products

NO added sugar


NO preservatives

Gluten free

Suitable for vegetarians

    • Jams are made from real, selected fruits and berries.

    • The sweet taste of nut butter and chocolate cream is extracted from a large amount of nuts.